Building up a new company during lockdown.

In a changed working environment and just a short time after four major financial institutions announced their Series A investment in FundsDLT, the company’s team is now fully functional and active.

FundsDLT was launched at the same time that the lockdown measures were being implemented in Luxembourg. Thanks to the commitment of all, the team is up and running and ready to embrace the journey.

We now have a team that includes, among others, specialists with strong experience in fund distribution activities, cloud and blockchain infrastructure, user experience. All these competencies that enable us to scale up to attain our aim of delivering the FundsDLT platform that will provide operational efficiency, process optimization and transparency across the entire fund distribution chain.

The newly created FundsDLT combines a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver complex solutions in the investment fund industry with a mindset for change and digital transformation.

Remote working came naturally to us despite it being somewhat of a novelty in Luxembourg.

CEO Olivier Portenseigne congratulated all and said “The FundsDLT team has shown great commitment and focus. They are laying down strong foundations for our mission to transform the fund distribution ecosystem. I am very proud to welcome them all and working together towards the same purpose.”

FundsDLT is committed to delivering on this work to enable fund companies and distributors to reduce costs and complexity while increasing transparency and making fund products easier accessible.

We are pleased to say that it has been a strong and agile start in a vastly changed environment. Stay tuned, more news to come.