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FundsDLT and UBS AM explore blockchain-based fund distribution

FundsDLT and UBS Asset Management (UBS AM) have successfully concluded a proof-of-concept pilot that aimed

Dominique Périlleux, Chief Operating Officer of FundsDLT

Next-gen infrastructure for digital fund distribution has a firm foundation

A solid base, industry-leading shareholders and a vision of better fund distribution combine to deliver next-generation infrastructure by leveraging the expertise and experience of the FundsDLT people. Dominique Périlleux, COO, takes stock of what has been set

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FundsDLT goes live with its blockchain solution for fund distribution

FundsDLT has announced that it is now in production with its blockchain-based platform that aims at simplifying fund distribution and fostering financial inclusion and savings. This launch follows the granting of the necessary regulatory approvals on 2

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Paolo Brignardello CCO of FundsDLT

Data and blockchain: the keys to growth in fund distribution

Investment fund actors want to see vast improvements in the quality and volume of data unavailable to them today. Paolo Brignardello, Chief Commercial Officer of FundsDLT, says they can greatly enhance their ability to access, analyse and

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Moderator Nasir Zubairi (The LHoFT), Bert Boerman (Governance.com) and Olivier Portenseigne (FundsDLT)

Europe is moving to a new digital ecosystem for fund distribution

European investment fund actors have reached the point where the technology that can transform the industry is taken as given. These days, the focus is on real-world, business applications and solutions. Speaking during a recent webinar with

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Paolo Brignardello_CCO of FundsDLT

Target the end investor relationship to grow

The fund industry needs to grow its relationship with retail clients but today the end investor is still hidden behind a difficult and resource-consuming process. Paolo Brignardello, Chief Commercial Officer of FundsDLT, explains that by focusing on

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Olivier Portenseigne CEO of FundsDLT speaking at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Day 2021

Focus on investors to unlock value in fund distribution

Olivier Portenseigne, CEO of FundsDLT, speaking at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Day argued that distribution actors can grow in new directions with an investor-centric approach and the help of next-generation platforms. Serve end investors and their goals

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