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Transforming transfer agents with a cloud-native strategy

Transfer agents and other asset servicers in the investment fund industry want to meet existing

Tokenisation of investment funds

Tokens enable actors in the distribution chain to create highly responsive products, break down barriers to access and will be an important part of the future investment fund ecosystem. DLT, tokenisation and smart contracts are here to

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DLT - wealth management

Wealth managers preparing for transformational change with DLT

Wealth managers are looking for greater efficiency and reduced costs while providing transparency and value to investors. According to the WealthTech Views Report, the time has come for a DLT-led paradigm shift.  Gathering the views of providers

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Olivier Portenseigne CEO of FundsDLT

Simplify investment fund distribution

Fund distribution is in search of a serious and wide-ranging response to digital transformation challenges. Olivier Portenseigne, CEO of FundsDLT, sets out his vision and the benefits offered by the platform. With a fund industry in transformation,

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Bernard Simon CIO of FundsDLT

Taking fund distribution to the next level

Streamlining, simplifying and increasing efficiency while enabling value creation are among the aims of FundsDLT.Bernard Simon, FundsDLT CIO, and Gregory Tordo of partner company InTech set out the state of play for this innovative solution for the

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FundsDLT -Team

Teams in place at FundsDLT despite difficult times

Building up a new company during lockdown.In a changed working environment and just a short time after four major financial institutions announced their Series A investment in FundsDLT, the company’s team is now fully functional and active.FundsDLT

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FundsDLT closes Series A funding after merger controls approvals and announces Martin Dobbins as chairman

Luxembourg, 22 April 2020:  FundsDLT, a fintech company developing a blockchain-based platform for the investment fund industry, has formally closed its Series A funding. This round of financing was supported by Clearstream, Credit Suisse Asset Management, the

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