The European fund industry is reshaping its distribution chain.

The investment fund distribution chain is now being modernised in Europe at an increasingly rapid pace. Issues that were considered complex and difficult to change are now seen as solvable.

Since a couple of years, it has been proven and demonstrated that distributed ledger technology can enable long-awaited change, create efficiencies in the fund industry and, most importantly, bring benefits to industry actors and investors. Incumbents and fintechs are concentrated on reaching the standardization, decentralization and real-time processing that this technology creates.

Loading… an interoperable ecosystem

Distribution actors throughout the chain have started cooperating on an interoperable blockchain-based ecosystem, one that can co-exist with and get the most out of legacy systems until these are superseded.

Across Europe, proofs of concept and concrete initiatives are underway promoted by important investment fund companies.

This is part of what Fundsquare has been focussing on in 2018 with its FundsDLT initiative: continuing to develop and roll out its blockchain solutions, and working with multiple partners to help them demonstrate the practicalities of a blockchain-based system and its new operating models.

FundsDLT at the core

Fundsquare was recognized last year at the AGEFI AM Tech Day as the “most innovative fintech”, for successfully executing the first live transaction ever done through blockchain in the fund distribution space..

AM Tech Day Awards 2017
Olivier Portenseigne

Olivier Portenseigne, Fundsquare’s managing director, will also be speaking at AM Tech Day at a roundtable discussion entitled “How can the Blockchain Enhance Fund Distribution?” Among other topics, he will set out some concrete examples of progress made in creating a blockchain-based ecosystem.

Fundsquare’s bold ambition, via FundsDLT, aims at improving and streamlining the entire fund distribution chain to make it easier, cheaper and faster.

For more information about AM Tech Day: see the event site.